Nutraceutical Supplements and Ingredients

We are an emerging regional player with over 10 years of experience in supplying nutraceutical supplements and ingredients and in providing innovative solutions to our customers in the food & beverage, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industries.

We operate our nutraceutical supplements and ingredients business segment through our subsidiaries in Malaysia, namely LYC Nutrihealth, Aqurate and Microbiome. In addition to our wholesale distribution of nutraceutical supplements and ingredients, we are also a one-stop service provider to our customers that want to develop their own food and health product brand. We provide end-to-end services to help customers with the effective customisation of their products.

We formulate and develop nutraceutical supplements and products to cover a diverse range of health functions as follows:

With our international suppliers from various parts of the world, we offer clinically validated quality non-drug, non-chemical and non-artificial nutraceutical health supplements and products. Part of the services we offer to our customers includes the carrying out of research and development activities to ensure the stability of the formulations which are safe for consumption and/or the product's specified use, and we partner with accredited laboratories to assist in conducting product testing.

Our Group also has a team of dedicated designers who developed customised packaging for our customers as well as a regulatory team which assists our customers with their applications for the registration of nutraceutical supplements with the relevant authorities in Malaysia.

We study various market trends and keep abreast of the latest influences and market forces through our network of partners and various media outlets. The long and trusting relationship we have built with the media is important to us since it helps bring recognition and elevates the business portfolio of our customers.

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